A year as a Marathoner

One year ago I ran my first marathon in Long Beach California. I didn’t have the blog going yet so I thought the anniversary would be a good time to talk about it. It was truly an incredible experience for me and I wanted to share a piece of that with you.

Let’s start with the setting, beautiful LBC. I intentionally chose this marathon for its location. I lived in Long Beach for about 2 years in my early 20s. That was an interesting time in life as I recently graduated from college and was starting my career, and I was with my ex at the time. But I have a lot of great memories from that area and always loved the city. There is something special about living by the beach, I took for granted being able to walk in the moonlight with the crashing waves. It meant a lot to me to be able to go run there and capture a piece of that back.

Another bonus of this race was the people. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay with one of my close friends from college who lives in Huntington Beach with her family. She had her daughter just 3 months before the race and she ran the half! She is such an inspiration, when I grow up I want to be just like her ❤️

I also got the pleasure to run with another friend from college Megan.  We were really more acquaintances back at SDSU, but we were friends on Facebook and I followed (eh.. stalked) her taking up running over the years. I saw her start from just running a couple of miles to tackling marathons and becoming a pacer. I hadn’t seen her in years but stayed connected with her online and we planned to meet up at the race. I was so excited to start off the run with her and we stayed together for about the first 8 miles, I got to tell her about how seeing her journey helped start my own.

Goal wise I was really trying to go in with the mentality that I was just trying to finish, but deep down I was kind of hoping for under 5 hours. So after training throughout the summer in Texas, race day was here and before I knew it the gun went off to start. I was on a bit of a high from being there and being with Megan that we started out a bit too fast. For about the first 8 miles I think our pace was around a 9 minute mile. In those miles we ran by the Queen Mary and along the coast in downtown and through Belmont Shores.

The view of downtown from by the Queen Mary

At mile 10 one of my favorite parts was a bunch of kids with donut holes out on the street for all the runners. I’m pretty sure that was the best donut hole I’ve ever had in my life. I kept trucking along with a pretty good pace and met up with my parents and one of our dear family friends just after the half way mark. It was nice to have a little cheering squad to break up the distance and they brought me a spare shirt because it was a bit warm and by that time I was already soaked.

I remember it was around 2:20 minutes that I saw them and I was thinking how I might be able to finish under 5 hours! Just a little while later I realized that was not going to happen. Around mile 17 the course took us through CSULB and by that time I was really starting to struggle. My legs would just not move. There was also a nice little hill on campus, but it was cool to see the marching band at the Pyramid cheering on all the runners!

By mile 20 I was barely running at all. I was so upset with myself that I was crying a bit and one of the other runners asked me if I was ok, I was perfectly fine I was just so mad at my legs for not cooperating. But I kept trying and even if I ran a quarter mile at a time I was going to finish that damn race.

The last couple of miles went right through downtown and there were quite a few people in the crowd cheering. This really does help push me, it’s like I can’t handle the embarrassment of other people seeing me walk so I kept trying to run as much as I could. Finally the end was in sight, and I knew my parents were there at the finish line waiting for me which meant more to me than I can describe.

I passed the finish line with tears of joy that I had made it despite how hard it was, collected my medal,  and collapsed into my father’s arms. I think this will be my favorite picture of us for the rest of my life.

I finished that race just under 5:24, no where near where I had hoped to be. But I finished. I then started the tradition that every marathon is followed by a steak. A few months later I beat that 5 hour goal in New Orleans, and now a year later I am 6 weeks out from marathon #3 in Tulsa.

So today I ran in the same outfit I wore as I passed that finish line, and I had a great 18 mile run around White Rock Lake with a better pace then I think I’ve ever seen for anything over a half. Promptly followed by an amazing cronut and a very long nap.

But there are a lot of runners today that completed the Long Beach Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, the Portland Marathon, and I’m sure many others around the country. Congratulations to all of them and I hope to go to one of those events next year!

I just love that quote. The sense of accomplishment you feel after running your first marathon is something I will never forget. This race made me a marathoner, something I will strive to be every year for as long as I can.

On a side note, just before Long Beach I joined eHarmony and B and I first messaged the day before the race. So next weekend is another special anniversary of when we started dating ❤️

So of course I’m leaving Saturday for St. Louis to run a Half Marathon 😉

What Happened in Vegas…

Ends up on the blog… I cannot count how many times I’ve been to Las Vegas in my life. It’s funny now living in Texas how it is not nearly as common, but growing up in CA it was so convenient we used to drive over all the time. I have too many stories in this city, from singing Rudloph on a stage as a kid, to my 21st, to girls trips, let’s just say I’ve seen the strip a bit. Not enough to be an expert but I’ve had my fun in the city of sin.

This trip I went with my darling boyfriend and we met up with his best friend and his wife for a long weekend getaway. They live in Virginia so this was my first chance to meet them and we had a great time getting to know each other. We stayed at the Palazzo for the first 2 nights and migrated to the Monte Carlo for the third (his work was covering that night). First of all the Palazzo is beautiful and I strongly recommend.

We got in on Friday night and checked in and went straight to the nightclub. Now normally I’m the girl that is in bed by 10pm so I can get up and run the next day, but about once a year I get a wild hair and want to pretend like I’m 21 again. So I got us on the guest list at Tao, if you are going to go clubbing in Vegas the guest list is a must. I had used this website before and it worked again like a charm. We got to Tao right before 11, get in no problem and no cover, make our way to the bar to get the first round and discover I get free drinks till 11:30! We only lasted about an hour (we were still on Texas time) but we had fun dancing, and enjoyed only paying for 2 over priced drinks for B.

After a few hours of sleep, I still managed to get up and run 4 miles. Then we mostly walked around the strip that day and explored. Saturday night we had tickets to go see the Cirque Du Soliel show KA. Which, as with any Cirque show, was amazing. The floating stage thing was incredible. The only show I’ve seen in Vegas that I can’t recommend is Criss Angel. On the way back to the hotel after the show we got to see the Bellagio water show which is always a good time. Then I discovered that heels look great but are not so great for walking 2+ miles down the strip #shouldhaveubered.

But after we found our way back and I found some flats, B and I took advantage of some of the artwork in the Grand Canal area. Because when you are dating a photographer, why wouldn’t you go do glamor shots at midnight?

I LOVE this pic of us.

The next morning again I got up to run 5 miles, shocking I know. B’s best friend was at a conference during the day so we hung out with his wife by the pool. Again more glamor shots, because why not?

After the pool fun, and a couple of frozen beverages for B and I, I was really looking forward to a little place called Lobster me for a ‘Lobsicle’. Lobster meat on a stick – what could be better?

More than 4 oz’s thats what could be better. Good, but so disappointing.

Thankfully that night I was getting food redemption as we went out for a big dinner at the Gordon Ramsay in the Paris hotel. MMM Steak! Definitely a good meal, and great company! Although for the price I think I’d rather go to Ruth’s Chris next time. But it was a neat place and I’m glad we tried it.

After dinner we watched a dueling piano show for a bit which was rather tame but nice to chill and people watch. And just like that the weekend of fun was about done. I took one last mis-timed selfie that I think actually turned out rather cute.

Thankfully my flight out wasn’t until the afternoon on Monday. So I still had time to squeeze in the long run! 13 miles alone under the hot and dry Vegas sun. Let’s just say it was rough. I carried my normal water bottle and had to stop at gas stations TWICE to buy more water. Still I felt like death after. Ironic that my running was much more exhausting in Vegas than any partying, welcome to my 30’s I suppose.

Catching up and Team Clara

Hello everyone! Sorry I disappeared for a bit, post my Yosemite trip I came down with a cough that has been screwing me lately. I finally went to the doctor today so hopefully I am getting back on track. I want to share some of the randomness of the last week, along with a cause that I’m supporting for a sweet little girl named Clara.

So last Saturday’s long run was a bit of a mess. I set out with a plan to do 14 miles, but due to whatever breathing issue I’ve been having my body just said no. I ended up having to walk the last two miles just to get to 13 and had to stop and lay down a couple of times because I thought I was going to pass out.

For the record I sweat a lot and I had sat down first, I did not pee myself in this picture. Also a huge thank you to my good friend Shannon for not abandoning me, and for snapping that memorable moment!

But I made it out alive, and tried to take this pic at the end in my Clara shirt which I will explain here in a bit.

Post embarrassing long run performance I hosted ‘Sangriathon’, because why wouldn’t I have a party the same day I thought I was going to die on a curb?

The intent behind Sangriathon was to compete for who could make the best Sangria. What we found is that we can all make good Sangrias so we are all winners. And just for fun I made everyone drink them out of empty Tostitos jars. I’m a true Frito girl through and through.

Same group of friends had a Star Trek themed birthday party a few days later. Because why not celebrate the day of your birth with Gagh?

But most importantly today I wanted to talk about a cause that I’m supporting. One of my co-workers at Frito-Lay has a daughter that needs our help. I can’t speak highly enough about this family, they are the nicest lot of people you will ever meet. Ryan actually helped me change career paths from sales to finance, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. But their sweet little girl named Clara has a terrible disease called GM1 gangliosidosis.

I remember when Clara was born I was working for Ryan out in California. I only got to meet her in person once at his going away party before the family moved out to Alabama. It was shortly there after that they started realizing she was having development problems. About a year ago she was diagnosed with GM1 and the doctors told them “GM1 would cause her to slowly lose her ability to walk, talk, and eat; to suffer breathing difficulties, seizures, deafness, and blindness; and eventually, to die before her 10th birthday.”

But the family did not accept this as the fate for their little girl. They found there is a clinical study underway and they are close to human trial, there is just money and red tape standing in the way of their little girl and a cure. So they started fundraising and sharing Clara’s story with the world. Since then they have raised over $1 million for the Cure GM1 Foundation!

Despite all of their success, we are not there yet. And one of the unknowns with this treatment is whether it will reverse the effects or only stop the disease from progressing, so it is important to try to get this cure while Clara is still young.

You can read more of Clara’s story on their website and there is also a good article here.

During the month of September the Cure GM1 Foundation is putting on a friendly run/walk competition to help raise awareness for kids like Clara who are suffering from this disease. Each team earns points for shirts sold, donations, miles tracked on social media, and bonus points for posting pictures in the team shirt.

I’m in the middle of marathon training anyway so it is a no brainer for me to post pictures every day and help Team Clara! If you follow me on Instagram prepare yourself for near daily pictures counting my miles.

How can you help?

Any donations would be much appreciated! Follow this link and pick team Clara!

Like my shirt? Looks like you can still order here

Join the team! If you want to join us and track miles this month with #CureGM1TeamClara. Shoot me an email at lisa@i-am-bender.com and I’ll get you set up on our team 😃

A Spirited hike to the top of Half Dome

Let me start this post by saying… when you get a text message like this on a Friday, you book that plane ticket within a few hours. And thus my Half Dome adventure began.

However, flights from Dallas to anywhere in Nor Cal within a week aren’t exactly the cheapest. And so my first adventure on Spirit Airlines also began. My assessment of Spirit: they’ll get you there, but it will be a pain in the ass. Literally.

Bare fare = zero seat cushioning. Considering I paid $220 roundtrip with a checked bag within a week of traveling, I really can’t complain. I expected the worst going into it and I read enough about how their prices work that I wasn’t surprised. I’ll take Spirit again if the price is right and if the flight is short enough that I won’t lose all feeling in my backside.

But within a few hours I found myself in my home state of California! Then a few more hours on the road I found the forest!

After setting up camp and having some dinner, the group all went to bed early so we could get up for our 2:30am alarms. Thankfully I stayed on Texas time this whole trip so it wasn’t as painful. After stumbling around the campsite in the dark for oatmeal we hopped in the car and drove over to the village where we could park and started walking at 4:40am.

A mile or two in we actually got to the trailhead but don’t be deceived by this trail marker, we took a longer route up via the John Muir trail. Roundtrip to the parking lot was 19.35 miles and made for a very long day.

But starting early also made for some amazing sunrise views over Nevada Falls with Half Dome peeking out in the back.

A few miles later here I am on the bridge over the falls.

Just out of revenge here is my photographer Louis, who apparently likes to sneak selfies in the middle of pictures he takes of you.

Most of the hike really wasn’t that hard in my opinion. Sure it was up a mountain but it wasn’t especially difficult until the last mile to the top. Then you start getting to this part where it is insanely steep granite steps going up the rocks. Keep in mind this is about 9.5 miles in and your legs area already tired.

Then you get to the top of that segment and can see the goal! Shortly followed by the thought of oh crap it’s still way up there.. and yet only 0.25 miles away…

And then you get to the cables. This is why they only give out 300 passes a day. You can only have so many people trying to go up and down these at the same time. Parts of this are a 45% incline and you have to pull yourself up by your arms to each plank.

Yet we persevered and made it to the top, all together just like we promised from the beginning.

For the Frito people out there, this is a RSR, DSL, GTM Manager (and husband), and Finance Manager. There was a fair amount of chip talk going on.

Then since I was finally at the top I had to take pictures off of the famous “diving board”. At first I saw others doing it and didn’t want to go anywhere near it, then I realized there is a good chance I’ll never be up there again so damnit I will get pictures of my legs hanging off the edge!

Yes I planked. No I did not realize my toes were that close to the edge. Sorry Mom!

After taking pics and having some snacks it was time to start trekking back down. This time we took a slightly shorter route down the Mist Trail. Appropriately named since we were much closer to Nevada and Vernal Falls, the mist felt great on that hot day!

I can’t thank my friend Sara enough for inviting me on this trip. I really hope to do it again someday, but if I never do at least I can check it off the bucket list. Fun fact, Sara and Louis got engaged at the top of Half Dome on a previous trip. Second fun fact, Sara and I hiked in Yosemite starting from the same place 4 years ago and one day to our hike on Friday! That time it was to Glacier Point and was also a great hike.

Then and now, almost the same place 🙂

Another fun fact, hiking ~20 miles over 11+ hours makes you hungry. Pizza, wine and ice cream all very well deserved.

The next day (after a short hike) I had to head back and made it back home around midnight. But not before getting a huge bag of Gu! Louis Gu-ey works for Gu and totally hooked me up with all sorts of running and biking fuel! Can’t wait to try out some new flavors!

For some reason I can’t sit still after a trip. Sunday I still got in a bike ride, and a GoT finale party. I will miss these Sunday nights for a while!

And now back to some nice flat Texas runs 🙂

A Cheesy Corporate Challenge

This time last year, I attempted for the first time in years to ride my road bike for the 2016 Corporate Challenge. I was talked into it to support the team as they needed more girls, and after many warnings I should not be included on the top 20 for a chip time, found my way to the start line with the elite. As I crossed the finish line the last of the Cheesy Riders (and after someone actually passed me with a flat tire) I celebrated that I even finished. But this year after getting a new bike and riding the MS 150, I knew I would come back strong(er).

But the ride was Sunday morning, and of course marathon training continues so Saturday I still got in my long run with the girls!

And prepped with a nice movie night at LOOK cinemas, one of those theaters with couches and a bar. We are in a competition for most toned calves.. he’s winning.

And then it was race morning all too early. Although I knew I was still not one of the ‘elite’ I was at least worthy of a chip for a back up time for the women’s group this year. They take the top men and women from each team to get the winning times. But there was some confusion and for a while they thought it was the first and fourth of men and women that mattered and for a minute we only had 4 women. Hence my very concerned pre-race expression.

I’m just not used to ride with pace groups and drafting. I’m terrified of getting too close to someone’s back wheel or braking myself with someone too close behind me. But thankfully a fifth girl showed and I knew she was a bit stronger than me. Someone snagged this great pic of the team at the start line which I completely managed to miss and have my head turned the opposite direction.

But it was a lot of fun! I rode my heart out and finished with an average speed of 18.5 mph, which for me is very fast. I was thrilled with my own time, but as I expected I lost the group in the beginning and was again the last of the timed Cheesy Riders. Still, we have a great group of strong cyclists so I was happy to be a part of it.

I dug this out from last year for reference – 10 minutes faster!!!!!

Also proof that two years in a row and two different GPS tracking systems show their 15k route is really 8.7 miles. Fail.

But even with a second loop, 20 miles wasn’t enough for the day. So I picked “B” up and made him suffer through the heat and go for another 25 miles.

Later on the final results were posted, they missed the memo about the whole “I am Bender” thing but I’ll forgive them this year. But congrats to team PepsiCo we took home the Silver Medal!!!!!

Next year the goal is to not be the last Cheesy Rider… and to beat Amy 😈

And to finish the weekend – OMGoT!




A Bender Reunion Part 2

The reunion continued! Clearly it was a good trip 🙂

Sunday I started off with another run, this time only 4 miles but I climbed 500 ft in those 4 miles. To put into context a normal run at home is about 50 ft in elevation gain. But hey, good hill training for Tulsa!

For this route I headed a different way a little more inland so I got to see about 10 deer! This little family was so close I could almost reach out and touch them. Gotta be careful on the roads up there, #savebambi

I was solo on this run, but come to find out Dad followed almost the exact same path I did on his walk. We Benders think alike I guess! Also ironic, my pace was even worse with those steep hills 12:40, meanwhile Dad speed walked with a 13:40 pace… seriously he speed walks nearly as fast as I run.

After our morning work outs we toured some more of the Oregon coast, this time we checked out the Aquarium .

It was really a cute little aquarium and we had a good time chasing the little guy around. Most of the cousins went that day too so we got to hang out with the fam. My brother used to volunteer at the Long Beach Aquarium back in CA so I think he enjoyed being back in that environment.

Of course I take any and all opportunities to act like a child, so I had to pose in the aquarium!

Apparently this behavior runs in the family… I found someone shared this picture of my parents 🙂

At the end of our aquarium tour my nephew burnt some more energy playing on the little playground with his second cousin and my brother attempted to photograph. I wonder what I was thinking in this picture… probably why did I wear booties to walk around in all day?

Since we were already a little further south, my parents and I walked around the town of Bayfront a little longer. The highlight was definitely the sea lions chilling by the pier. But boy were they loud!

After heading back to Lincoln City we split off into a couple of groups for family dinner, but most importantly it was Sunday night so I had to find a way to watch Game of Thrones. Thankfully I wasn’t alone in my obsession for ‘The Song of Ice and Fire’, but unfortunately the wifi was terrible there and the TV did not have HBO. After my cousin and I struggled for about an hour to get the darn episode to load, we were finally able to stream it on my work laptop sitting next to the router. I’m sure everyone else in the house thought we were crazy, but missing GoT is not an option.

Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to all the family. Well first I squeezed in another run… because #marathontraining, then the brother took off and everyone else drove home in the morning. I had an afternoon flight and the parents were staying an extra day so we hit up one more site on the way to the airport, the Evergreen Air and Space Museum. I am already a member of the Perot Museum in Dallas so I even got to go in free as part of their science museum deal.

Above is the one and only Spruce Goose! Largest plane ever made, and I didn’t know it but it was actually made out of wood! I really need to go back and watch the Aviator. It used to be on display in Long Beach so I had technically seen it when I was 2 or 3 years old, but I certainly didn’t remember it. You could even go inside of it!

The rest of the museum was really neat but we didn’t get to spend nearly enough time there. We all said we could go back and spend a full day going through it, the space part was even bigger and we barely saw it. Alas we will just have to do another trip to Oregon to visit the family!

And with that it was time for me to take off! Not in the old Air Force plane though. Back home this week and back to flatter running. Although I just found out I’m taking an impromptu trip next week to Yosemite! So more travel posts to come soon!


A Bender Reunion Part 1

This past weekend the Bender clan all made our way up to Oregon for a family reunion years in the making. One of my Aunts on my Dad’s side was celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary and hosted all of the siblings, kids and grandkids out on the coast to celebrate. I hadn’t been out there to visit in nearly 10 years so it was wonderful to see everyone again.

First the parents and I took off Friday morning from the airport. Note our luggage.. mama bear, papa bear and me, in the little princess bag.

We met up with these handsome boys in the airport! My nephew did great on the plane ride, then proceeded with making me chase him in circles around baggage claim.

After collecting ourselves and getting some rental cars we did as any good tourists would do and went straight to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. MMMMMM Cheese!

Although my nephew was a trooper long car rides are not his favorite. So he was a bit restless once we got there. We did get to walk around and sample the cheese but I did not get the ice cream I was pining over. Alas probably for the best diet wise.

Side note, I will probably never be seen in this beloved Banff sweatshirt again. It went missing on this trip 🙁 I guess I will just have to go back to Banff for another one!

Friday night after we got settled in the house we were sharing with one of my other Aunts and her family we went to eat at a place called Mo’s by the beach. Bender party of 18 please! Of course there was a wait for a party of 18…. shocking… so this little guy got to run around by the beach for a while.

The next morning I hit road for my long run. After all there is no break in marathon training while on vacation. Dad joined me for the first few miles and I gave my brother a high 5 (literally) as he flew past me several times.

But 11 miles done, terrible pace, far too many hills, but beautiful views.

Obligatory shoes in sand pic. But no, I did not run directly on the sand… I’m not that crazy!

Then it was time to go see the rest of the Bender family. We had a picnic at a pavilion on the beach in Lincoln City, where they were coincidentally having a sandcastle contest the same day.

My favorite:

And the Loch Ness monster?

Anyways, here are the ‘newlyweds’ 50 years in the making! Talk about life goals… 50 years, 2 kids and 4 grandkids and these two are still very much in love! My Uncle even gave her a ring and asked her to join him for the next 50 ♥♥♥

Of course it isn’t a family reunion without the family pictures! First up was the first generation, my Dad on the right with his four sisters and my Uncle and his sister on the left.

Then all the next generation: myself, my brother and our cousins. Unfortunately 4 couldn’t make it this go around but this is almost all of them on my Dad’s side.

My Aunt and Uncle also brought out some old family pictures to admire while we were there. I found this beauty of most of this same crowd from about 22 years ago. I’m third from the right and my brother is on the far left. We’ve changed a bit!

Lastly, the third generation. My brother had to console the little guy over on the right, it’s tough being 2 you know! Also I can’t believe how much these kids have grown! This was my first time meeting some of them, and others I hadn’t seen since they were babies.

In the midst of the family bonding, Dad and I hit the beach with the aerobie and made each other run around even more. I love that we can do this together. We used to play all the time when I was a kid and I found one at a store right in time for Father’s Day this year. More good memory making to come!

To wrap up Saturday, most of my cousins hit the beach for a bonfire. I was definitely not drinking wine out of a water bottle (again)…

More to come in a part 2, too much fun on this trip to put it all in one post!

Running, Biking, Hair, more Biking and Sangria

The weekend began as it usually does, with a run. Saturday morning I hit the pavement at 5:15am in a dark park, by myself. Brave or stupid? Perhaps both? Either way the girls met me just a bit later and we went down one of my favorite running paths.

I knocked out 7 miles and the other girls did 11. I turned around a bit early so I could go meet our other friend for some miles on the bike. She had hurt her foot a couple of weeks ago so the doctor order her to stay off of it, but gave her the green light to bike. This was her first time really taking the bike out and I’m pretty sure I scared her away from ever wanting to go again.

First she need a new tube on her front tire. Not a big deal but it took me a good 15 minutes to get that switched out. Then we are cruising along and I turn around and she’s not behind me anymore. I find her pulled off to the side and the chain has come off. This took us a good ten minutes to fix, it was somehow stuck off to the side of the front derailer. Once we got that fixed we were both covered in bike grease. Alright excitement over… we thought. THEN she gets stung by a yellow jacket and again knocks off the chain. Clearly I am not the best teacher at how to bike.

We finally finish out our loop and earn some much needed coffee. Ok side note, Snug on the Square in McKinney = heaven. I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker but their Snickerdoo coffee has me hooked. Throw in a raspberry white chocolate scone and this is one happy Bender.

You know its been a rough day when the goof off goes into the shower with you…

Thankfully after the long morning it was hair day! I even took my momma to my favorite spot, Salon 209. @Funnyreceptionistman always makes for a good time, with good mimosa’s to hit the spot.

Meanwhile my boy takes care of me. Highlights and toner and I’m like a new woman. He even sings to me while washing my hair 🙂

After a quiet night in, I take myself on yet another bike ride this morning. I went out for 40 miles. I think that is the longest I’ve gone since the MS150 in May. It was a great ride, but I was trying out some new roads in an attempt to find easier ways to work. I even ran into a fellow Cheesy Rider out on the road today!

Of course I work off of Headquarters drive in Plano. So I have to get past two major highways and many corporate offices. Not quite as pretty as my normal running paths.

But I made it to Nebraska! Nebraska Furniture Mart is quite possibly the largest store I have ever been in. I was pretty proud to have made it all the way here by myself this morning.

Post biking I earned myself some Sangria at the winery with my gal pal and the rents.

Did anyone else watch the London World Championships yesterday? It was awesome to watch Bolt in his final 100m dash, but what a crazy upset by the Americans?!

And that is my weekend in a nutshell! Now just to go pick up the boyfriend at the airport and watch GoT! Who will die this week…. 🙂