A Cheesy Corporate Challenge

This time last year, I attempted for the first time in years to ride my road bike for the 2016 Corporate Challenge. I was talked into it to support the team as they needed more girls, and after many warnings I should not be included on the top 20 for a chip time, found my way to the start line with the elite. As I crossed the finish line the last of the Cheesy Riders (and after someone actually passed me with a flat tire) I celebrated that I even finished. But this year after getting a new bike and riding the MS 150, I knew I would come back strong(er).

But the ride was Sunday morning, and of course marathon training continues so Saturday I still got in my long run with the girls!

And prepped with a nice movie night at LOOK cinemas, one of those theaters with couches and a bar. We are in a competition for most toned calves.. he’s winning.

And then it was race morning all too early. Although I knew I was still not one of the ‘elite’ I was at least worthy of a chip for a back up time for the women’s group this year. They take the top men and women from each team to get the winning times. But there was some confusion and for a while they thought it was the first and fourth of men and women that mattered and for a minute we only had 4 women. Hence my very concerned pre-race expression.

I’m just not used to ride with pace groups and drafting. I’m terrified of getting too close to someone’s back wheel or braking myself with someone too close behind me. But thankfully a fifth girl showed and I knew she was a bit stronger than me. Someone snagged this great pic of the team at the start line which I completely managed to miss and have my head turned the opposite direction.

But it was a lot of fun! I rode my heart out and finished with an average speed of 18.5 mph, which for me is very fast. I was thrilled with my own time, but as I expected I lost the group in the beginning and was again the last of the timed Cheesy Riders. Still, we have a great group of strong cyclists so I was happy to be a part of it.

I dug this out from last year for reference – 10 minutes faster!!!!!

Also proof that two years in a row and two different GPS tracking systems show their 15k route is really 8.7 miles. Fail.

But even with a second loop, 20 miles wasn’t enough for the day. So I picked “B” up and made him suffer through the heat and go for another 25 miles.

Later on the final results were posted, they missed the memo about the whole “I am Bender” thing but I’ll forgive them this year. But congrats to team PepsiCo we took home the Silver Medal!!!!!

Next year the goal is to not be the last Cheesy Rider… and to beat Amy 😈

And to finish the weekend – OMGoT!