Raising the roof

Today I got a new roof, got the dogs groomed, got a crown placed, went for a bike ride, nearly died in my attic, and in between all of this I got some work done.

The calm before the storm this morning….

As soon as the workers came and got started tearing it up, the poor dogs started going crazy with all the hammering. Thankfully they had a reservation at the spa – aka vet. They got to hang out all day, shoot it up, get a bath, and in Holly’s case get a haircut.

Here they are patiently waiting to ditch me for the day.

Since I got to work from home today I took advantage and went by the dentist to get a crown placed. I might need to do a whole post on my experience the last year with the dentist. Never fun, but oh so worth it to be able to smile again.

I get home and by 11:45 they have already got half of the new roof up!

I get some more work done until I can call it quits for the day. Then I’m ready to get some exercise in. Of course it was 100 degrees outside today.

But never one to let heat bother me, I go for a nice 20 mile ride at just shy of a 15 mph pace.

This is my favorite path. I had no idea it even existed when I bought my house, but it literally backs right up to me. So great for running and biking!

I get home from that fun and the guys are done putting the roof up, just a matter of cleaning up. So I take shower #1 and think I’m about done for the day. Then I realize my AC isn’t working. Just. My Luck.

I discover the issue, the covers have fallen off the units in the attic. Ok not too big of deal, I’ve fixed this before. Unfortunately if it was 100 outside at that point, it had to have been AT LEAST 120 in that attic. I was only up there for a total of 5 minutes but I thought I was going to die. Needless to share there was a shower #2 immediately following.

But finally the AC is on and the roof is up! I am so excited about the brown color, I never thought the old grey roof looked right. Next up are new gutters and a new garage door!

Now I’m really done. Holly seems to agree after her 0.3 mile walk to and from the vet. She has been laying around ever since, but she is rocking the cut!

Off to bed early tonight (exciting for a Friday I know), but an early run with the girls tomorrow!