Running, Biking, Hair, more Biking and Sangria

The weekend began as it usually does, with a run. Saturday morning I hit the pavement at 5:15am in a dark park, by myself. Brave or stupid? Perhaps both? Either way the girls met me just a bit later and we went down one of my favorite running paths.

I knocked out 7 miles and the other girls did 11. I turned around a bit early so I could go meet our other friend for some miles on the bike. She had hurt her foot a couple of weeks ago so the doctor order her to stay off of it, but gave her the green light to bike. This was her first time really taking the bike out and I’m pretty sure I scared her away from ever wanting to go again.

First she need a new tube on her front tire. Not a big deal but it took me a good 15 minutes to get that switched out. Then we are cruising along and I turn around and she’s not behind me anymore. I find her pulled off to the side and the chain has come off. This took us a good ten minutes to fix, it was somehow stuck off to the side of the front derailer. Once we got that fixed we were both covered in bike grease. Alright excitement over… we thought. THEN she gets stung by a yellow jacket and again knocks off the chain. Clearly I am not the best teacher at how to bike.

We finally finish out our loop and earn some much needed coffee. Ok side note, Snug on the Square in McKinney = heaven. I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker but their Snickerdoo coffee has me hooked. Throw in a raspberry white chocolate scone and this is one happy Bender.

You know its been a rough day when the goof off goes into the shower with you…

Thankfully after the long morning it was hair day! I even took my momma to my favorite spot, Salon 209. @Funnyreceptionistman always makes for a good time, with good mimosa’s to hit the spot.

Meanwhile my boy takes care of me. Highlights and toner and I’m like a new woman. He even sings to me while washing my hair 🙂

After a quiet night in, I take myself on yet another bike ride this morning. I went out for 40 miles. I think that is the longest I’ve gone since the MS150 in May. It was a great ride, but I was trying out some new roads in an attempt to find easier ways to work. I even ran into a fellow Cheesy Rider out on the road today!

Of course I work off of Headquarters drive in Plano. So I have to get past two major highways and many corporate offices. Not quite as pretty as my normal running paths.

But I made it to Nebraska! Nebraska Furniture Mart is quite possibly the largest store I have ever been in. I was pretty proud to have made it all the way here by myself this morning.

Post biking I earned myself some Sangria at the winery with my gal pal and the rents.

Did anyone else watch the London World Championships yesterday? It was awesome to watch Bolt in his final 100m dash, but what a crazy upset by the Americans?!

And that is my weekend in a nutshell! Now just to go pick up the boyfriend at the airport and watch GoT! Who will die this week…. 🙂