The Water Issue

It’s funny how water is such a simple thing, and yet in running it can make or break you. As it is mid-summer in Texas, lately I’ve been keenly aware of how important water is while doing anything outside.

Two weeks ago my boyfriend didn’t drink enough while we were out bike riding. A few hours later he has a massive headache and all grumpy… something about not wanting to be outside in the summer… I didn’t think much of it (sorry dear!) but I’m usually cold all the time so I enjoy some heat. This weekend it was my turn. After that nice long run with the girls Saturday morning I was sick the rest of the day. Not to go into detail, but let’s just say I lost 4 lbs from the time I woke up that morning until dinner time. I’m all for dropping a few pounds but that was a bit extreme. I had even drank a good amount of water before, during and after, but still it wasn’t enough.

When I started running about 2 years ago, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere without some water with me. So then it became an issue of how to carry said water. I have seen people carry water in backpacks, belts, or my method – the hand water bottle.

I’m putting my favorite gear on my running page, but I am a big fan of the Nathan water bottles. I like the convenience of having it on my hand so I can easily get a squirt, and I also like using this case so I can have access to my phone. I prefer using this bottle for the insulation, to try to keep it cooler.

I was trying to remember when I started using these and I found I picked it up before my first 5K here in Texas. Note the water bottle in my hand! Also note that color is terrible on me! Now I will not go for a run without my water.

This also made me think about the importance of replenishing those electrolytes. I was fortunate enough to get to go on a Gatorade plant tour recently, look at all those bottles!

I used to think about sports drinks just as sugary drinks that meant consuming unnecessary calories. Now I know that there is nothing better during/after a long run or bike ride. Of course Gatorade is part of my company so I gotta support, but I’m also going to try some Skratch here soon to see how that helps too.

So today I ended up running at the lunch hour and downed a full bottle of water just for a 3 mile run. Followed by a Gatorade, and more water.

It’s so nice that even in coporateland we can escape and get some time outside.

Then top of the day thinking about hydration, I walked the dogs another 3 miles this evening. Right as we were finishing it started raining.  Well played Texas, well played.